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ClubCambra and access to the information related with any of the products and services that contain a means previstas the acceptance of the conditions in this legal notice. Is why we recommend that atentamente Read the content.


ClubCambra is a business network Chamber of Commerce Officer, Industry and Navigation of Barcelona.

The titularidad platform is ClubCambra La Cámara Oficial de Comercio, Industria y Navegación de Barcelona Avda. Diagonal, 452-454 0800 6 Barcelona Phone: 902 448 448; ID: Q0873001B.

The Official Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation of Barcelona (Now thereafter, “the Chamber”) is a Public Corporation to be right by the Riot Act 3/1993 of 22 March, the basic official chambers of commerce , industry and navigation, and the Law 14/2002 of 27 June, in the official chambers of commerce, industry and navigation of Andalusia and the General Council of the Cameras.


Registration is free to the ClubCambra and does not involve the payment of quota none.

Furthermore, knowing of belonging to all the ClubCambra Foreign nationals or companies that rise at Cape territorio activities in national, single or sean societarias. May make the people of belonging to a company that affiliates them COMPLIES indictment mentioned above. Ago that lack of den floor in the event that the Link finalicen with the company.

The companies are also ClubCambra membership of the States of the Chamber, in which case the indictment cumplan them legal, and can enjoy all services provided by the corporations. See the conditions and advantages in the link


The information on this site are the vigente contienen yet on the date of your last upgraded.

Are the conditions are valid from the date of your last upgraded. The Chamber reserves the right to be at any time of modificarlas. In this case, entered into force since its publication and shall apply to all the users of the platform since that day.

The content is the platform, especially the testimonials, newsletters and publicitarias, except to indicate that expresamente Otherwise, constituyen ningun vinculante type of discount. The Chamber reserves the right to be intro modifications or omit them completely or partially Contenidos current platform ClubCambra when it deems appropriate, as well as also to prevent or restrict access temporarily or permanente.


The username is promised to make use of the website, the content is and the services of agreement with the Law, this Legal Notice, las buenas costumbres and the Public Order. Similarly, the user is not obliged to make use of the Site or the services to be provided through the cone or contrarios ilícitos finalidades be effective or to the content of this Legal Notice, that hurt them or intereses terceros of rights, or that whatever the dañar way I can, inutilizar or impair the Site or its services or prevent the use of the Web satisfactorio to other users.

Also, the username is expresamente promised not to destroy, alter, or inutilizar of People’s whatever the form, Data spoil them, and them’s programs and other documentos Electronics Parts that are on the web.

The username is not promised to impede access to other users of the service accessible both by the massive consumption of resources Informáticos them through the Chamber of them which provides the service, as well as to not realize that actions dañen, interrumpan or generate errors in them systems mentioned above.

The username is not promised to intro’s programs, viruses, macro, mini-applications (applets) or ActiveX controls whatever the type of logic or the other of which secuencia of characters that cause or cause puedan whatever the type of alterations in these systems Informáticos of the Chamber or terceros .

The username is not promised to make an improper use Informaciones, mensajes, gráficos, Drawings, sound Files and / or imágenes, photographs, recordings, software and, in general, whatever the class of material accessible through the website or of the services it offers.

Intellectual Property E INDUSTRIAL

This platform and all its Contenidos, these texts Included, los documentos, the photographs, these Drawings, Representaciones the chart, the bases de datos, Informáticos’s programs, as well as logotipos them, the brands, these malls and other numbers are the property Signore distintivos the Chamber or the use terceros have autorizado.


Prohibited whatever the modalidad of farms, including whatever the type of reproductions, distribution, cesión to terceros, public communication and transformation, whatever the type of Support VIA and middle of the works as mentioned before, creations and authorizing Signore distintivos without prior and express them in respective headlines. The incumplimiento of this ban can constitute offenses punishable by the legislation vigente.

However, in his account and RISK, the user is able to download or copy these exclusivamente Parts for your personal use, provided that none of them do not infrinja Intellectual Property Rights or the Chamber of Industry or the use terceros that hayan autorizado. In particular, can not alterarlos, or modificarlos suprimirlos whole or parcialmente. In case ningun THAT means a license authorizing or on rights of property of the camera.

Is prohibited, apart from these cases that it autorice expresamente the Chamber, establecer links or hyperlinks, from portals or web sites to web pages of terceros ClubCambra different to the main page of your portal, accessible on the direction http://, or replacing that in future, as well as the present site of this site or the information that ClubCambra contienen under frames, Signore distintivos, trademarks or company or trade names of another person, company or Entity.


Responsibility of the Chamber by the USE THE ClubCambra:

• The User is solely responsible for the violations that you may incurrir perjuicios and of the fear that you may cause or causarse the USING this website. The Chamber is exime of whatever the liability that result from the actions of pudiera username.

• The User will be solely responsible for whatever the claims or legal action, judicial or extrajudicial initiated by third parties for and against the Chamber’s web-based USING by the username. If the case, the user is asumirá all the expenses, these costs and the allowance to be claimed in the Chamber with motivated complaints or legal actions.

Responsibility of the Chamber as soon as the funcionamiento ClubCambra:

• The Chamber is exime of liability that whatever the result of interference pudiera, omissions, interruptions, viruses Informáticos, averías telefónicas or disconnections in the operational funcionamiento electronic system, motivated by provokes ajenas.

• Also, the Chamber of whatever the liability is exime pudiera that arise from delays or blocks the operation of this electronic system funcionamiento, causados ​​deficiencias fear or in the overhead lines or Internet telefónicas, as also of the Damage by third parties for fear causados ​​intromisiones illegitimate outside of your control.

Responsibility for the content is of the Chamber of ClubCambra:

• The Chamber is not responsible for the information and other Contenidos Integrated Spaces on or accessible from this site Web terceros ClubCambra platform, VIA links or hyperlinks, or the Integrated Contenidos and other information on this site or Web Spaces terceros from them which Links or hyperlinks to accede to the VIA platform ClubCambra, or the information and the content is for whatever the website terceros being presented under the appearance or the Signore distintivos ClubCambra except that expressly authorizing the Hague Chamber.

• The Chamber of information and their contributors as third parties for parties assume this might cause in the relationship with information, Contenidos of all kinds, products and services or ofrecidos prestados through ClubCambra platform or by third parties for INSTITUTIONS, although in their same group pertenezcan economic, and, in particular, fear of them perjuicios Damage and whatever the type that vinculados to these, it puedan Producer by: (i) in the absence or deficiencias information provided to them or their users veracidad, accuracy and sufficiency, (ii ) Compliance incumplimiento or defective or unpunctual contratos or relations of the pre (iii) incumplimiento them of the obligations of lenders services of information society, (iv) infringement of the rights of consumers and users, (v ) infringements of Intellectual property rights and industrial realization of acts and of unfair competition or publicidad ILLICIT; (vi) breach of the Data Protection Right, the secret of professional and rights to honor, personal and family intimacy ya the image of the people, (vii) in general, whatever the incumplimiento of ley, costumbre or code of conduct and (viii) whatever the decision taken on the functions of information supplied by the platform ClubCambra.

• Neither the Chamber nor third parties for them as providers of information everywhere, assumes Damage might cause fear, perjuicios, pérdidas, claims or expenses producidos by: (i) interference, interruptions, Fallout, omissions, averías telefónicas, delays, or disconnections in blocks funcionamiento the electronic system, motivated by deficiencias, sobrecargas and errors in the lines and nets of telecommunications, or for whatever the cause otra ajena them in control of the Chamber, (ii) intromisiones illegitimate use of the VIA’s programs whatever the type of malicious ya through of any medium of communication, as eg by virus Informáticos u otros (iii) use or indebido inadecuado platform of ClubCambra (iv) security or navigation errors producidos fear a bad funcionamiento browser or by the use of versions actualizadas browser.

Responsibility for the Chamber of ClubCambra links:

• The Chamber declines all liability in respect of that information away from the beech site, Puesto the functions that these links will show up only to follow the user is informed of the existence of otras fuentes of information on a particular topic.

• The Chamber is the funcionamiento exime from all liability of the links, the resultado Obtenido through these links mentioned above, the veracidad and legality of the content on or information in that it can access, as well as also of them that you may perjuicios them is the user is in virtue of information on the web encontrada enlazada.


Being sent to you that you have the article 5 of Law 15/1999 of 13 December, of Protection of Personal Data, the Chamber informs them that users of personal data from them that when we provide the stuffing formulario that includes pick up on this page in data files as the Chamber is responsible, and they will be tratados for the purpose of providing the services corporate.

Furthermore, knowing also be included as listas solicitadas of businesses fear that terceros Want contact with persons or companies for the demarcation of the Chamber, or tengan hayan or guided by something kind of relationship with the Chamber, and to be suministradas people, or companies INSTITUTIONS, national or Foreign, whose place of residence I can be located in a country not dispongan of Data Protection legislation personales equivalent in Spanish. Made on a Form of stuffing this site implies that the user is RECOGNIZES them the information and personal Data indicates we are yours, and exactos ciertos.

The user is conserved in all grabado moment the possibility of ejercer rights of oppositions, the access, cancellation of rectifications and Data. Also, and in accordance with the Law 34/2002 of 1 July, services of the information society and electronic commerce, you can revoke at any time of the reception given to consentimiento commercial communications. In case of doubt, as well as for ejercer rights mentioned above, can in addressing the Chamber VIA E-Mail (, fax (934 169 301) or postal mail (Avda. Diagonal, 452 08006 Barcelona •).

Jurisdiction And Applicable Legislation

Whatever the controversy originated in the interpretation or the legal notice Implementation of this play is from the Spanish legislation. Also, the Chamber and the user is in fact whatever renuncian People’s jurisdiction and would be submitted to the courts of the courthouse and Adress of the username for any controversy that pudiera the venues. In the course of the logistics needs your username Adress outside of Spain, the Chamber and the user is subjected to them at the courthouse and city courts of Barcelona.

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