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    Cambra Services
    International Strategy:
    Our programs and promotional activities to diversify and consolidate markets help put you in touch with investment opportunities.
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    We strive to obtain the best benefits for our members by working with top-notch partners
    • It is part of the online community
    • Get free entrance to exhibitions and conferences organized by Fira de Barcelona

Club Cambra online community

The business network to establish business opportunities

Connects and interacts within Club Cambra, a business network with an international and exclusive vision that allows:

Cameral Network

Reinventing the way to do business

Get in touch with companies and chambers within the online community and get contact with whom you are interested in.

Integration with the global network of Chambers of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona currently participates in the main international chamber institutions:

  • Eurochambers:
    European Association of Chambers of Commerce
  • ITC:
    International Chamber of Commerce
  • Ascame:
    Association of Chambers of Commerce of the Mediterranean
  • AICO:
    Iberoamerican Assosiació of Chambers of Commerce



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Cambra Business Visa

Request the Club Cambra Visa, an exclusive, members-only credit card, and discover the best prices and benefits from our partners.
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Club Cambra, doing business

Club Cambra, doing business

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